Studying TV Commercials

Although heavily criticised, they have a lot to offer in language learning because:

-they are short and contain a lot of condensed meaning in just a few phrases
-they use everyday language and sayings to be attractive to the audience
-they combine video and audio to achieve their purpose
So, TV commercials can be grouped in thematic units (e.g. food, water, drinks, etc) and vocabulary can be extracted to create word lists perfect for conversation!

Let’s make language learning fun and discover what TV commercials have to offer in learning Modern Greek!

Course Components and Structure

What is offered:

  • Full list of TV commercials available in Youtube thematically organized
  • A list of the words to be discussed in each TV commercial
    Listening to the commercial and discussing the use and meaning of the words in real language use
  • Supportive material after each lesson to consolidate language learning
  • Use of Google Docs and Google Sheets to keep track of your performance
  • Offline Support via email communication to answer your queries

PRICE : 45 € / lesson Package (10 45-min lessons): 440 €