C1/C2 Proficient User

Become the Master

If you already have a solid understanding of Modern Greek, you are able to hold a conversation and you are ready to take the next step, then this is the course to take:

Course Components and Structure

What is offered:

  • Online one-to-one 45 min video tutoring lessons (use of Skype, Google Hangouts, Zoom or any other communication tool of your preference)
  • A variety of textbooks to choose from based on your need and style
  • Authentic Audio Material (dialogues, podcasts, videos, etc)
  • Use of online newspaper articles and commercials and extensive discussion of their lexis, syntax and grammar
  • Supportive material after each lesson for consolidation purposes adjusted to the covered material of the learning unit
  • Personalised learning to fit your goals and needs
  • Online tools and platforms for memory retention and continuous practice
  • Use of flash cards and learning games for optimum vocabulary retention
  • Special focus on Grammar and analysis of the language bone structure by being exposed to grammatical patterns repeated throughout the language
  • Use of Google Docs and Google Sheets to keep track of your performance
  • Offline Support via email communication to answer your queries

PRICE : 50 € / lesson Package (10 45-min lessons): 490 €