Story - telling

Do you like listening to stories or narrating your own ones? Let’s see how stories can be utilised in a language learning environment to improve your language level competence

Course Components and Structure

What is offered:

  • Online one-to-one 45 min video tutoring lessons (use of Skype, Google Hangouts, Zoom or any other communication tool of your preference)
  • Specialised Stories based on the level of your language learning ability. Even if you are a beginner, we can still use a simple story to start learning Greek
  • Authentic audiovisual material with Greek subtitles and word to word analysis of the new vocabulary
  • Online tools and platforms for memory retention and continuous practice
  • Use of flash cards and learning games for optimum vocabulary retention
  • Use of Google Docs and Google Sheets to keep track of your performance
  • Offline Support via email communication to answer to your queries

PRICE : 45 € / lesson Package (10 45-min lessons): 440 €