It’s all about you! We went through many language learning journeys together! Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

I’ve studied Welsh and German online, with many different teachers. I have also been involved in professional evaluation of specialist English teachers. After half a dozen plus Greek lesson with Panos, I have no hesitation in saying that he is right at the top of the game. His lessons are well prepared, structured yet flexible, and geared towards the individual’s needs. In each lesson there are plenty of opportunities for review and reinforcement of key points, all done with patience and good humour. In addition, he uses Quizlet to encourage further independent reinforcement of key points. He’s great!


Another incredible lesson with Pano, our 60th together, I think, over 3 years. He is a truly exceptional teacher: kind, dedicated, supportive, and knowledgeable in all the mechanics of Greek and English, so he can explain the precise reason why you would use a certain tense or part of speech. He speaks in a clear, vivid, and enunciated way that is easy for a new language learner to understand, and with him, I’ve progressed from learning the basics of the language to writing more complex literary pieces in Greek. He’s very open to the different goals and writing projects I propose, so I feel that our lessons accomplish exactly what I want at any given moment. And above and beyond all of this, Panos has been one of my first and closest friends in Greece and has helped to welcome me into this country


Panos is a great language teacher. I have had 30+ lessons with him over the last 4 months and enjoy learning Greek. Panos has an excellent command of English and is very knowledgeable about the Greek language and grammar, which I appreciate as a computational linguist. Panos engages the learner with a variety of exercises, techniques and topics and very naturally adapts to the interests of his students. A few days ago, I met a Greek at my workplace and had the chance to put my Greek to practice. At the end of our conversation he said: You must have a very good teacher. I couldn’t agree more


Panos is fabulous! He’s one of the best teachers I have worked with. Everything is so natural and his corrections are just right. I love that we speak in Greek the whole time and how well he adjusts his level. Really enjoying my lessons with him! 🙂


Again, another great lesson with Panos! The grammar has now become a bit more challenging but Panos has been very patient and supportive and always tries his best to explain the topics as simply as possible. We revised home and house-related vocabulary and the articles cases and moved onto the imperative mode. Thanks Pano, you’re the best!!


“It was a really nice lesson, as usual, with Panos. We mainly practiced oral Greek, we had a really nice conversation. What I like about him is that he lets me talk a lot, and try to express myself, and then corrects my mistakes. He is really supportive and I enjoy learning with him! :)”


That was another fantastic lesson with my favorite Greek teacher. I’m a very lucky student. Panos is really patient and always supportive. He has managed to teach me a lot within a short period of time. I really appreciate it